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Bella Light Studios is transformative art glass that presents itself as sculptures, windows, and public art work installations – recreating the beauty of some of the most elusive and vibrant elements of nature such as the ocean, the delicacy of wings, the beauty of coral reefs and so much more.
Bella Light Studios has been founded by Siobhan Wisdom, a master stained glass artist touted as one of the three best globally. With a rich background in historic preservation,and original creation of estate collections of high end art glass windows. Siobhan reorganized her existing business model when she and Emmy Award Winning Designer Kim Hix were able to develop a new medium of art glass together in the form of dichroic art glass sculptures. These dichroic art glass sculptures are a radiant transformative experience for many patrons of the arts as they are able to capture parts of the natural world that are hard to simulate in traditional artistic respects. You may be able to see their new pieces in galleries and as public works very soon as bookings for these projects have just begun and several are under way presently. Please check back for dates and locations in the coming months.